MRI & CT Scan image analysis

The AI-Powered platform provides capabilities to triage and analyze MRI and CT Scan images. 

GI Endoscopy video image analysis

The AI-Powered GI endoscopy video image analysis enables clinicians to significantly eliminate the misdiagnosis rate.

Speech recognition

The AI-Platform offers real-time AI speech recognition to enable image annotation and generate instant patient reports.

About A.I. VALI Inc.

                                                    A.I. VALI uses Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) techniques in real-time to analyze the physicians' voice during the procedures, and data collected from medical images, such as endoscopy video images, tissue biopsy specimens, and MRI/CT scan images.

Our modular A.I. platform, AIDREA empowers our clients with accurate, reproducible, and affordable real-time analysis, at the global level. AIDREA has a critical impact on the quality of analysis and early detection of diseases such as cancer in order to provide the best-personalized treatment model for each patient.

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What We Do

To improve patient care by empowering clinicians with high precision AI image analysis and eliminating human errors in disease detection, such as cancer.


Speech Recognition: Image Annotation & Instant Reporting


GI Endoscopy Video Image Analysis


MRI, CT Scan Image Analysis


Tissue Image Mass Cytometry

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