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GI Endoscopy video image capture & analysis

The AI-Powered GI endoscopy video image capture and analysis enables clinicians to significantly improve the accuracy of diagnosis.

Speech recognition

The AI-Platform offers real-time AI speech recognition to enable image annotation and generate instant patient reports.

Efficient workflow

The AI-Powered platform improves efficiency and productivity of the clinic workflow, reduces patient waiting time, and reduces cost per patient for the clinics.

A.I. VALI In the News

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Congratulations to A.I. VALI INC. on being accepted into the Southern Ontario Pharmaceutical & Health Innovation Ecosystem (SOPHIE) Commercialization Projects! #lifesci #healthcare #innovation In partnership with the Hamilton Health Sciences CREATE team, A.I. VALI is building multiple panels of AI algorithms for their medical platform. To find out more about the SOPHIE program, visit:

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A.I. VALI presented at the Ontario Bioscience Innovation Organization Annual Investment Summit 2023!

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Training AI models in the health space is a challenge. It requires large & varied datasets from multiple institutions - that can be reluctant to share. A.I. VALI solving this challenge in collaboration with Vector Institute and as part of FastLane.

What AIDREATM Provides?


Endoscopy Video Image Capture, and Analysis


Speech Recognition: Image Annotation & Instant Reporting


Enable efficient workflow
Reduce patient waiting time
Improve Health Economic


Tissue Image Analysis and Annotation

Our Mission

To improve patient care by empowering healthcare providers with high-precision AI image analysis, more accurately identifying pre-cancerous tissues, and eliminating human errors in disease detection, such as cancer.

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Interested to collaborate?

Let us know if you are interested to collaborate on AI applications in medical diagnosis, digital therapeutics, digital healthcare, or any other healthcare-related applications.

We look forward to collaborating with you!


Interested to join our team?

Please review the Job Description and if you are interested to join our team, send your current CV to "" and refer to the job posting ID #. 

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